Fire Damage, like every other disaster damage, varies from every situation as it involves a different place and different types of substances each time. But, the series of incidents and actions following post the fire are similar from incident to incident. Here’s a set of actions that need to be taken after a fire damage, in an effort to restore the place and a brief explanation on why they are important.

Safety Assessment of the Building
First and foremost, experts need to evaluate the building’s integrity and structural stability to ensure that it will not collapse post-accident. Apart from a weak structure, other factors like asbestos or chemicals that could have an ill effect on people living in the building need to be dealt with properly. A thorough evaluation is carried out, thus determining if any of the substances need special disposal considerations.

Formulating a Plan of Action
After proper assessment of the fire damage, the experts should be able to come up with a plan of action along with a timeframe and quote within which the restoration can be completed.

Securing the Damaged Property
People are generally curious! And an area with fire damage will have many entries which were otherwise not there before the incident. It is essential that you quickly secure the area. Otherwise, unauthorised people or even looters can enter the area.

Preventing Additional Damage
Before the actual Fire Damage Restoration work can start, it is best to take precautionary steps that will avoid any problems during the restoration process. For example, any cut / live wires can pose a serious life threat to the restoration personnel. Any areas undermining the integrity of the building would have to be addressed. For example, leaks to be sealed, the building structure to be reinforced and any holes or gaps to be sealed.

Remove Unsalvageable Items
It is important to remove and dispose of anything completed affected by contaminated water, engulfed in smoke, burned to pieces. In some severe cases, it may mean taking a firm decision on all kitchen furniture, curtains, carpet or fittings in the affected area.

Start Cleanup ASAP
The damage from fire and water tends to increase with time. A good clean-up company will start work immediately once the area has been assessed for safety. Fire damage restoration is a lot of effort as the clean-up of the water and chemicals used to contain the fire also need to be taken care of.

Disinfection, Sanitisation, and Removal of Odours and Stains
Once the primary / critical restoration and clean-up process is started, look into the next steps to recover from fire damage. Deodorising the area is one of the most important steps as the odour can have a lasting impact on the residents or employees. Smoke stains cleaning may require a variety of tools and products including scrubbers. Disinfection and sanitisation are needed in order to prevent the spread of disease and illness, especially if anything has been touched by contaminated grey or black water.

With all this said, fire damage restoration involves a lot of work. An expert fire damage restoration company will have a full proof plan in hand to ensure no traces of the incident are left post the cleanup and restoration. We at Bio Cleanse Services understand the pain you go through when such an incident happens and are here to help you through it. You can contact us here.