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Fire Damage Restoration

After the devastation caused by a fire, it may seem like the danger has passed and the place is safe from further annihilation. But the fact is, without a professional fire damage restoration cleanup, the affected building or home will never return to its normal state. Even after the fire is out, there is a sizable amount of tasks involving clearing up all the damage and smoke caused by the fire. Once the fire is completely eradicated by firefighters & first responders, it’s best to call a professional fire damage restoration company to restore your home back to its original condition, to whatever extent possible.

In fact, whatever the fire leaves behind will continue to affect the place. Ash and smoke, if left unhindered, will cause extensive corrosion, etching and discolouration; not to mention lingering powerful odours.

Bio Cleanse’s professional fire damage restoration team can stop the post effects of fire before it becomes a major problem if they are contacted soon enough. A lot of companies advertise their ability to restore areas affected by fire, but only those with proper training, license and certification like Bio Cleanse Services should be considered.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Include:

  • Identifying all affected materials & source of odours
  • Thorough cleaning of fire & smoke damage affected areas & items
  • Cleaning & removal of any built-up ash residue
  • Removal & safe disposal of damaged/dangerous items
  • Quick response service
  • Cleaning items like upholstered furniture, rugs, etc.
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces like linoleum, concrete, wood floors, metal furniture, etc.
  • Odour removal and air filtration

Though the principles behind fire damage restoration are fairly simple, it requires a lot of experience, expertise and manpower to do the job correctly. Hence, the cleanup should not be attempted by the property owner on his own.

One also needs to note that, if the property isn’t cleaned by a fire damage restoration specialist, the cost of restoration may increase tremendously after a few weeks. This is mainly due to the post effects of fire damage i.e. metals may corrode, carpet & walls may get permanently discoloured, glass may be severely etched, all this will necessitate replacement. Besides this, the odour caused by the disaster may still be present and intense enough to be disturbing as well as harmful.

Along with fire damage, when the first responders use water to extinguish the fire, the water causes damage to the property as well. Bio Cleanse Services provides a complete water damage restoration along with odour removal of smoke & ash residue.

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