sewage backup in a commercial property

When a business owner is faced with an event like a toilet backup or a sink overflow it can be quite distressing. If there’s actual sewage involved, a minor inconvenience can quickly escalate into a serious and hazardous situation.

Below we have summed up things you need to do soon after a sewage backup occurs. We have also mentioned tips on preventing them in the future.

Things to do when you have a sewage backup:

Cleaning a sewage backup in a commercial place isn’t like your regular cleaning. Dealing with sewage is hazardous and hence, the cleanup should only be done by professional sewage cleaners. After experiencing a sewage backup, contact a professional cleaning company immediately. They will come and remedy the situation and you will have your business back to normal in the least amount of time.

Sewage cleaning experts know exactly how to go about the cleaning and removal of biohazard materials/contaminants without compromising on their health safety. They are knowledgeable, experienced and equipped to carry out the following sewage cleanup tasks:

  • Removal of every item that has been affected/damaged as a result of a sewage backup.
  • Proper and safe disposal of items that cannot be restored.
  • Proper disinfection of salvaged items off-site.
  • Removal of all water and sewage with appropriate equipment.
  • Dehumidification and ventilation of affected areas.
  • Disinfection and sanitisation of flooring and surfaces within the affected area.

Common causes of a sewage backup

Sewage problems can be quite messy and complex. But understanding what triggers them in the first place can help you prevent the worst from happening. Some of the common problems that lead to a sewage backup are as follows:

  • Heavy settlement of soil in and around your property, putting pressure on your plumbing and sewage system.
  • Cracked pipes or faulty connections and improper joints in your plumbing system.
  • Penetration of tree roots into pipes and plumbing system.
  • A build-up of grease and improper flushing habits.
  • No regular cleaning and poor maintenance.

Preventing a sewage backup

Sewage problems can expose one to contaminated water which can be extremely hazardous. Fortunately, with the help of a few effective measures, you can prevent their occurrence. Below are basic guidelines that will help you lower the risk of sewage contamination in your commercial property:

  • Carry out annual inspections on your sewage and plumbing systems. If any issues are found, have them fixed immediately. Any delay could cost you a lot later.
  • Ensure the use of a water pressure reducing valve to reduce the stress on your system.
  • Make sure you add pop-up sewer release valves to your plumbing system if they’re not already present.

Never attempt to clean up a site affected by sewage on your own. Always call the cleaning experts to handle it. If the site is not cleaned, disinfected and sanitised thoroughly, it could pose a serious health hazard to employees as well as others entering the commercial premises.

To avoid problems and to ensure everyone’s safety call the pros at Bio Cleanse. Our commercial sewage cleanup services include deep cleaning, decontamination and sanitisation of salvageable items and property, leaving you with a work environment that is clean and hazard free.