Do you own a home which you don’t live in? One of your major concerns would be the possibility of squatters occupying and taking over your property.

Squatting is defined as the act of making use of a disused or abandoned property. People who otherwise cannot afford to rent or purchase a house tend to occupy these empty properties. Sometimes squatters are just former tenants who won’t vacate your premises after their lease is over. It gets increasingly difficult to evict the squatters after long periods of time.

Here are some precautions property owners can take to avoid this potential nightmare.

  • Ensure your property is secure when it is unoccupied. Any entry points should be safely locked. Put strong padlocks on the entrance doorways and lock up internal doors as well.
  • Windows should not be left open. Be sure to close and secure them properly. Any point of entry, no matter how tiny may be inviting to squatters.
  • Barricade or fence off your property. A high wall or strong fence usually is the first mode of defense against intruders.
  • Prominently display ‘No Trespassing/Private Property’ signboards with an indication of legal action to be taken against violators.
  • Make sure you make regular visits in person or hire a property management company to check on the place. As long as someone is visible around the property, squatters would hesitate to enter it.
  • Engage the services of professional property guardians who look after empty houses and commercial premises on behalf of owners.
  • Maintain good relations with your neighbours. You can then request them to keep an eye out/visit your property. Encourage them to give you a phone call when they doubt any illegal activities happening there.
  • Enquire if your community has a neighbourhood watch or hire a security patrol to keep an eye on your property.
  • Have basic lighting on a timer and furnishings like curtains. This will give the impression that the property is occupied.
  • Install security cameras or alarm systems that can alert you on your cell phone or home computer or even the local police station in case anyone tries to break and enter into the property.

If you do however find individuals occupying your property without your consent contact the police or seek legal help immediately.

Your next immediate step after the squatters have been taken care of, would be to clean up the premises. Act fast. The longer a squatter cleanup is left, the worse it will get.

After a property is vacated, large amounts of waste are usually left behind. In some severe cases, properties are left completely uninhabitable. Even if the tenants have left the property in a fairly good condition, it is best to have a professional squatter cleanup done. Do not attempt to clean up a void property or after a squatter yourself. Hire a professional/accredited company to restore your property.

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