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Mould Removal

Having visible mould in the area is definitely an indication that your home or office has a serious mould issue! Most of us usually tend to ignore this growing mould. But the fact is, even small mould infestations can cause serious health concerns. Hence, it is vital that the mould type is identified & a mould removal clean-up is carried out at the earliest. Although it seems like mould is not a problem as you cannot its adverse effects on your health, it is highly recommended that you get a mould cleanup done from a professional cleaning agency like Bio Cleanse Services.

Not only is mould bad for your health; it can severely devalue your property and create unwanted strain & stress to the home or business owner. Hence, it is important to arrange for mould removal professionals like Bio Cleanse Services to conduct a mould removal clean-up as soon as the presence of mould is identified.

At Bio-Cleanse Services, we specialize in providing affordable mould removal services for home and business owners across Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn, Batemans Bay and surrounding NSW. Our mould inspection standards are extremely high and we aim to provide only the highest quality service to our customers. If you suspect that you have a mould problem, please give us a call today! Dial 1300 774 631.

Our Mould Removal Services Include:

  • Identification of the cause/source/type of the mould
  • Providing recommendations to the customer
  • Thorough cleaning of mould from the affected areas
  • Eliminate all the airborne mould spores
  • Treating the areas to ensure no further mould/microbial growth
  • Safe drying, deodorizing and disinfecting of all affected areas

There are various factors for mould growth. Mould growth in your home can be an outcome of water damage. If this is the case, it is important to do a complete water damage restoration of your home or business.

Use of proper work practices, personal protective equipment and isolation techniques when cleaning up mould is vital. This helps to protect the health of occupants/workers & also helps prevent spreading of spores to unaffected areas. Hence, it’s best left to a trained professional like Bio-Cleanse.

Along with our innovative use of technology & proven mould remediation systems, we at Bio-Cleanse are able to treat any area or item affected by mould. This includes the elimination of mould spores within the indoor air environment.

Bio-Cleanse professionals can safely reinstate your residential or business property to its pre-loss condition. Call or email our team now to schedule an appointment! 

Don’t let mould ruin your property. Bio Cleanse Services is here to help you! We serve Sydney, Canberra, NSW and areas with complete mould cleanup services and other biohazard cleaning services.