Bio Cleanse Services

Crime Scene Cleaning

After a tragic event like a crime or murder has taken place, and the police and crime scene investigators have left the scene, it is important to have the crime scene thoroughly cleaned. Starting from the cleaning of bodily fluids to the removal of fingerprint dust, a crime scene cleaning process is an intricate one and should not be done by an unskilled person.

Cleaning up following the aftermath is nearly impossible for someone who has just lost their loved one. However, it is very important to remove all biological waste from the crime scene such as blood, bodily fluids, bone fragments, odour etc. to ensure the place is free from health hazards and the property is safe for use. At Bio Cleanse Services, we take utmost care while undertaking a crime scene cleanup to ensure complete cleaning, decontamination and sanitization of the place.

A crime scene cleanup is extremely sensitive. It involves handling of biological materials and proper and safe disposal of biohazardous waste. It is quite a risky task considering the dangers of fatal diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. A crime scene cleaning service demands years of experience and elaborate knowledge to ensure it is done well.

Our IICRC and ABRA certified bio cleaning technicians are highly trained in using state of the art equipment. We follow stringent procedures to ensure no trace of the event is left. With years of experience and passion for cleaning crime scenes, Bio Cleanse Services handles crimes and forensic cleaning for families and communities across NSW – Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn and Batemans Bay.

Our Crime Scene Cleaning Services Include:

  • Assault Scenes
  • Homicide Clean-Ups
  • Suicide Clean-Up
  • Unattended Death Scene Clean-Up
  • Cell Cleaning
  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Deceased Estates
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Squalor Clean-Up
  • Trashed Houses
  • Odour Removal and Neutralization
  • Hoarder Clean-Up
  • ABRA Certified Technicians
  • Methamphetamine Laboratory Remediation (Meth Lab Cleaning)

Immediate and correct action is crucial to remediate the property in a safe environment. The right way to go about this is to hire the services of a professional biohazard cleaning company like Bio Cleanse Services. In distress situations, our crime scene cleaners will take care of every cleaning requirement. You can rely on us to ensure not only your physical but mental well-being is also taken care of.

Contact us, we are available 24×7 to help you at the time you need it the most.