To many people, damp houses with problems of condensation, peeling wallpaper and the sight of mould on the ceiling has become a way of life. Considering the climatic conditions & the ageing building stock, the house gives rise to mould growth. But a damp house poses much more problems than the usual smell and visual marks of mould on the ceiling. Living in a damp house can have many ill effects on the inhabitants of the house, some being quite significant.

So while you may have ignored the mould existing in your home from so long for whatever reason, it might be a good time now to finally re-asses the problem in light of the health problems mould can pose to you and your family members.

Here are some of the health problems caused by mould:

Respiratory Problems
One of the most common problems associated with mould is respiratory problems. This is not only because of the increased amount of moisture in the air but also with the microbial particles present in your home. These can be floating in the air or landing on the moist surfaces in your house. Researches actually correlate the occurrence of mould & asthma. So it turns out, people living in damp homes are twice as likely to suffer from asthma compared to the ones living in homes without dampness problems. Other problems that can be caused by damp walls are bronchitis, breathing difficulties & chest pains.

Research has shown that the tiny microparticles present in the air in damp homes can do more than just respiratory problems. They can give rise to many skin problems, Eczema being one of the major ones among them.
Although this is a major problem for people already suffering from skin problems, old people and children can also get affected by this. Any complaints from your children about skin irritation can most likely be solved by getting rid of the mould in your home.

Fever & Vomiting
Research has also shown that people living in damp homes are far more prone to suffering from associated problems. This includes high temperatures, aches, pains and even fainting. Children living in damp homes are more likely to suffer from nose blocks. And the people living in damp homes suffer from frequent vomiting as well.

In conclusion, living in a damp house can be very harmful to one’s health. Trying to save some money now and not getting the repairs done can make you pay a high price later in the future on medical bills due to serious health conditions. Get a test done from a reputable, trusted cleaning agent. We at Bio Cleanse Services provide complete mould testing and removal which will leave your home environment healthier. Call us today for a quote.