Frequently Asked Questions

We at Bio Cleanse Services. are a professional, full-time Bio-Remediation company. We provide superior service, specializing in the disinfecting of properties after tragic circumstances like accidents, suicides, death, trauma & homicides. Certified and instruct in Bloodborne Pathogens and Trauma Scene Management, we follow strict guidelines Health in the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazardous/biomedical waste.

The cost is usually one of the first questions we are asked. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give an accurate estimate over the phone. We need to come out for an onsite analysis. Every crime/trauma scene differs, so until we know what is involved, we won’t be able to determine the cost. The estimates are affected by the number of technicians needed, to their time needed to complete the cleanup, to the amount of bio-medical waste. We will beat any firms written estimate. Save money, call Bio Cleanse Services at 1300 774 631 now!

Ask for proof of the following:

  • Length of experience
  • Occupational License
  • Proof of Insurance (Liability, Auto and Workers-Comp)
  • Can they provide references?
  • Can they provide a contract for biomedical waste disposal and documents proving the destruction of generated waste?
  • Will they work with the property owner’s insurance and can they handle all the insurance paperwork?
  • Can they assist with or provide crisis counsellors
  • And most importantly, are they members of ABRA, the American Bio-Recovery Association. Membership requires proof of most of above.

Relatives, friends or colleagues who attempt to clean blood, body fluid, human tissue, decomposing bodies, hypodermic needles, and so forth find this task either physically or emotionally staggering. Also, cleaning after a trauma scene opens up the “cleaning individual” to be in contact with risks associated with blood, tissue and deterioration products. Please be cognizant that the physiological drama doesn’t end when the incident happens. Numerous who clean up after a trauma scene; need to deal with the emotional issues while cleaning.

To intensify the issue, the “cleaning individual” most likely will not rightly clean the effected correctly. This will prompt dangers spreading the contamination and exposing others to pathogens.

For property managers and homeowners, a bio-hazard trauma scene i.e. suicide, decomposing body, murder, etc. is the last situation they are prepared to handle.

Bio Cleanse Services crime scene clean up division is a proud member of the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA). Please call us at the number at the top of the page to assist you in crime scene clean up.

Customary cleaners are NOT potent enough to perform a biohazard cleanup with. Using hospital grade disinfectants will guarantee certifiably protected premises, with the correct application. Biohazard cleanup is a genuine occupation, and requires the best possible materials, protective equipment, and training.

Stress encompasses a cumulative effect on the body; people respond to such stress in a variety of ways. Generally, those affected by such stress develop Critical Incident Stress Syndrome, Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, or varying degrees of lesser traumatic grief. It is necessary to remove yourself from a crime or trauma scene with regard to psychological well being as soon as possible. Psychological effects of trauma can be devastating.

Crime scene clean up involves cautiously assessing the situation to determine the best way to do away with affected items without endangering life now and in the future. It is best to utilize biohazard specialized technicians that have been thoroughly trained and experienced to get rid of blood and body fluid items.

Items like carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, wallpaper, etc. are removed and disposed of in proper red bio-hazard bags and disposed at a federal- and state-regulated site for disposal. Using a dumpster is against the law. State and federal laws require that a bio-hazard clean up company store records of who and where items were disposed of, and those stored records should be stored for a minimum of 30 years.

Approximately 4 to 8 hours are needed to clean a crime scene and it depends on the severity and the amount of manpower being used. Some projects may even be for two days, but that is rare. Call us at the number at the top of the page to assist you in crime scene clean up.

No employee/family member/colleague can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:

  1. Receiving bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training.
  2. Having a written BBP exposure control plan.
  3. Having been provided personal protective equipment.
  4. Having been offered Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and follow-up.
  5. Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site.

Only after the above 5 steps have been met can an employee be permitted by his or her executive to clean a crime scene. Additionally, an organization and its workers must be authorized transporter to transport blood and body fluid from one location to another. And finally, if one is caught/suspected of disposing illegally of blood and body fluid items, the individual will pay fines or prison time. So it is best to hire a certified and experienced company for a crime scene, hoarding, and suicide clean up and restoration.

Methamphetamine or Meth is a predominant central nervous system stimulant and one of a family of drugs known as amphetamines.  Meth is a man-made drug that can be swallowed, snorted, smoked or injected.  Depending on the way meth is prepared, meth may range in colour from white to brown; pink to red or in various shades of yellow or green.  Meth can come in pill structure, powder, chunks or crystal.  Common street names for meth are: “speed”, “chalk”, “ice”, “crystal”, “crank” and “glass”.

Stuff that usually gets thrown away in a meth-contaminated houses includes: Textile sort of items such as rugs, window coverings, cloth type chairs, beds, or any other porous type items.

Car crashes, blasts and fiery breakouts triggered by the illicit make of methamphetamine, ecological defilement, increased criminal movement, incorporating domestic violence; emergency room and other medical expenses, spread of infectious disease, including HIV, AIDS and hepatitis and lost worker productivity. Economic costs likewise fall on governments, which must allocate additional resources for social administrations and law enforcement.

Following are some of the common signs of a meth lab.
Signs Include:

  • Chemical odours like paint thinners and nail polish remover coming from the building.
  • Fans (exhaust) running for a long period and strangely at odd times.
  • Frequent visitors to the lab at odd hours.
  • Curtains always drawn or Windows blackened out.
  • When you see people coming outside only to smoke.
  • Occupants being unfriendly, appear to be secretive about their activities, behaving paranoid.
  • Property being monitored with security and surveillance equipment.
  • Neighbours, Landlords, other visitors denied access.
  • Trash bins containing huge amount of cold & flu packaging, chemical type containers, bottles and boxes with labels removed.

Each hoarding scenario is distinctive. Though most of the professional cleaners take a day to clean up, a few take as much as a week. Hoarding Cleanup is divided into two:

  • Removing all items from the house and then cleaning all surfaces to have a fresh start.
  • Paying hourly to have a hoarding expert sift through the items to systematize
    and find important papers.

Please call us at the phone number at the top of the page for our hoarding clean up services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hoarding cleaners must be prepared for animal (rats, mice, vermin, etc.) droppings and the animals still alive running through the objects and junk. The droppings contain all types of diseases, and unless you have your hepatitis (A, B, and C) shots, tetanus shots, RBI shots, and other arrays of shots dealing with dangerous and deadly diseases, you might be taking a chance when cleaning up subsequent to a hoarding.

Please also be careful about sharp objects (knives, broken glass, sharp objects of any kind) that will cut you. Hypodermic needles can also be a concern.

Please call us at the number above for assistance in hoarding clean up.

Although many professional cleaning companies might clean up after hoarding, many will walk away when there is an excessive quantity of biohazard issues like animal dung, old and bacteria food, etc. Kindly note that it is most likely that mold will be present, and, if removed or even touched incorrectly, the mold can spread.

Hence, if you’re caught in such a situation, give us a call on the above mentioned number. We at Bio Cleanse Services can provide you the required help & support you require to handle such tedious Biohazard clean-ups.

Qualifications & Experience


Excellence in safety is an expectation for Prime Restoration Australia. It is our policy to provide quality restoration, cleaning and integrated service solutions. With reference to the certifications we will deliver the highest standard of excellence due to our attainment in professional certification and training programs. Prime Restoration Australia is adamant about attaining and further gaining deeper and modern day knowledge to stay updated and equipped with most advanced operating systems.


IICRC – Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification

We are an IICRC Certified Firm – Company Number 55091.

We are an IICRC Certified Company and our certified technicians hold specialist qualifications in:

  • IICRC Trauma Scene Clean Up
  • IICRC Certified Applied Microbial Remediation
  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration
  • IICRC Carpet Cleaning
  • IICRC Carpet Repair & Reinstallation

ITI / RSA – Interactive Training International & Restoration Sciences Academy

Our certified technicians hold specialist qualifications in:

  • Trauma Scene Clean Up
  • Mould Inspection and Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Inspection and Restoration
  • Water Damage Inspection and Restoration
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Odour Control
  • Stone, Masonry & Hard Surfaces Restoration

For more information on any of our services, please complete our contact form and one of our friendly staff will assist with your enquiry.

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