Water Damage Restoration Process

If your home has experienced water damage, may be due to a pipe burst or a sink choke, the situation can be quite traumatic for you and your family and can throw you into a panic. While stopping all leak points is the first step while dealing with a water damage situation, you may still need to address the damage by calling in professional cleaning experts to help you with the aftermath. The faster you address the situation, minimal will be the damage and hence the cost of repairs.

Read below to understand a water damage restoration process and how the cleanup is undertaken by professionals.

Sources of water damage:
Water damage can spring from natural disasters like flooding, storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes or from scenarios like leaking pipes, pipe bursts, and overflowing sinks and toilets. Besides these, a house extinguished from fire by firefighters may also experience water damage due to flooding of the doused area. Situations like these certainly call for a professional water damage restoration process.

Process of water damage restoration:
A water damage restoration process includes restoring a home damaged by water and ensuring it is back to normal. It involves removal of the accumulated water, air drying the place, thoroughly inspecting and completely sanitising the place to ensure that it is safe for inhabitation. Lined below are steps of a water damage restoration process:

Thorough inspection of the place:
When a water damage restoration company is called in to help clean up the damaged site, the very first thing that is done is a complete inspection of the property. The damage is evaluated, the moisture content is measured and the type of water accumulated is evaluated. The types of water that could be accumulated are clean water, grey water and black water. After a complete assessment of the property, professional cleaners plan a strategy to carry out the water damage restoration.

Extracting standing water:
This is the most crucial step in a water damage restoration process and is carried out immediately to avoid further damage and risks to the property. Standing water is removed using pumps and vacuums and the time taken for this process depends on the amount of accumulated water.

Drying and use of dehumidifiers:
After all the standing water has been removed, the property has to be dried out completely. Areas that are hard to reach by vacuums and pumps are dried by using special drying equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers. These help circulate airflow in the room and ensures that the air in the room is moisture free. It’s important to have the property completely free from moisture to prevent future problems like mould growth.

Sanitising the property:
Following drying, the place and all contents of the building are treated with antimicrobial sanitisers to ensure they are safe for use by the occupants. Items that aren’t recoverable are disposed off, while the ones that can be, are taken by professionals to reinstate. The property is also deodorised to ensure the air is breathable.

Complete restoration:
This is usually the last step in a water damage restoration process. All drying equipment are removed and the place is restored. Surfaces may be plastered and walls may be painted.

Why should a water damage restoration process be carried out immediately?

Water damage can be quite a mess. It can have a significant damage on property. And not only is property affected; appliances, furniture and other household items too are damaged.

When you have to deal with a water damage crisis, it’s important that you act fast. With every delay, the longer you will have standing water around the house and hence an increase in the magnitude of damage. Standing water can have an added risk of microbial and bacterial contamination along with being possible breeding grounds for mould growth.

It’s also important to not carry out a water damage restoration process by yourself as you may expose yourself to a number of health risks. It’s best that you call a professional water damage restoration company to carry out the process. Bio Cleanse Services has a dedicated team of professionals to help you with this.

If you are faced with a water damage crisis, contact Bio Cleanse Services. We will deploy a team of professional biohazard cleaners to restore your property. We provide complete water damage restoration services in Sydney, Canberra, and other surrounding areas of NSW.