Not many people have a clear understanding of what exactly happens at a crime scene. From what you may have seen on TV Shows and movies after a crime has occurred, it is the law enforcement authority and crime scene cleaners securing the area for a thorough inspection of the crime scene, while the forensic personnel collects evidence. After all formalities have been carried out, a little light is thrown as to what happens to the crime scene and who carries out the crime scene cleanup.

Usually, after enough evidence has been collected and the police and ambulance have left, cleaning the mess of blood and bodily fluids at the crime scene is the responsibility of the family of the deceased.

Why hire a crime scene cleaning company?

Cleaning a crime scene is not an easy task. If it is not done the right way, it could pose a great risk to both the inhabitants of the place and the individual undertaking the crime scene cleanup.

Some important facts about a crime scene to keep in mind are:

  • The remnants of a crime scene, if not cleaned immediately can spread contamination along with the risk of spreading contagious infections to human health.
  • Blood stains and any other bodily fluid at a crime scene can transmit diseases if they are not taken care of quickly and appropriately.
  • If the crime scene cleanup is done hastily, it could expose the inhabitants to potential health hazards and diseases.
  • Amateur cleaners can face health hazards if they carry out the crime scene cleanup without using right safety equipment and techniques.

Understanding the great risk of dealing with a crime scene, it is always best to get a crime scene cleanup done by a professional cleaning company. They handle such hazardous cleaning in a smart and cost-effective manner ensuring you get your property back to normalcy and is safe for stay.

How is a crime scene cleanup done?

As said earlier, crime scene cleanup is not a simple task and needs a person with right skills, knowledge and experience. No matter how messy and tedious the job may be, a crime scene cleanup is inevitable.

It is important to know that blood and bodily fluid cleanup should be done immediately to avoid possible diseases from spreading around. This aspect is well taken care of by professional crime scene cleaning companies while carrying out the cleaning process.

Below are steps involved in a crime scene cleanup:

  • Crime scene evaluation and planning

When crime scene cleaners arrive at the crime site, the very first thing they do is inspect the site for all damage. Following this, a plan is made as to how to go about with the crime scene cleanup. If the damage is too much including damaged furniture or flooring pieces, then such items are usually removed.

  • Disinfection of the crime scene with high-grade cleaning agents

Crime scene cleaners are equipped with powerful cleaning solutions that they use to clean up the crime scene. These cleaning solutions usually have the right formula to get rid of pathogens and other decontaminants present at the site.

  • Collect and dispose of bio-waste carefully

Body fluids and other bio wastes are collected in biohazard bags and removed from the crime scene. They are then disposed of in a safe manner so that no one is at a further risk, that’s the last thing one would want to be happening.

  • Provide post-trauma care

Our crime scene cleaning services extend support to the family of the deceased and provide them with all the help they need during tough times.

In distress situations, our crime scene cleaning professionals will take care of the hazardous cleaning task. Rely on us to get the job done. Contact Bio Cleanse Services on 1300 774 631, we are available 24×7 to help you at the time you need it the most.