Did you know that fire claims 50% more male lives than female in a year? This is due to the fact that men are more likely to work in industrial jobs that involve dangerous fires.

Fire can be extremely dangerous and can claim many lives in addition to the loss of property. Thorough knowledge of fire safety is one of the paramount requirements in every home. Some fire safety tips are mentioned below will help you in reducing the risk of a catastrophic disaster.

  • First and foremost, check smoke alarms. Change the batteries regularly. Smoke alarms are known to reduce the chances of death by fire by 50%! Its best advised to install smoke alarms on every level of your home, outside every sleeping area, and in each bedroom. Ensure that they are working properly. Change batteries once every 6 months, even if the smoke alarm is directly wired to the home electrical system. Most smoke alarms have a lifetime of 4 years, so if your smoke alarms are older than 10 years, its time you change it.
  • Create and practice a fire escape plan from every room, in at least 2 different ways. One of the most important parts of the plan should involve appointing one person in charge of all infants and kids. The sole duty of this person is to get them out safely when a fire breaks out. Since things never go as expected, keep a backup ready in case the primary person is succumbed by smoke.
  • Keep all flammable substances safe and away from any fire area in the house. Closely supervise children and pets when the heater is turned on. Always remember to put off the heater when leaving the room. In case you use gasoline-powered devices, store little quantities of the fuel in a locked room. It’s best to keep these things away from children, stored in a container which has child safety features.
  • Avoid plugging too many appliances in a socket. This can lead to a spark which can easily start a fire in the house.
  • In case of a fire in an apartment, if you do not hear the fire alarm already, ring it on your way out so everyone in the building is aware that there is fire. Your alertness and quick actions can save lives.
  • Keep candles away from anything that can easily catch fire. Make sure you blow out all the candles before you leave the room. Teach children that lighters and matchsticks are not a toy and condemn playing with these things.

Follow these fire safety tips and you are sure to greatly reduce the risk of facing fire damage in your house.

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