Having pets around people is known to really improve one’s health in a lot of ways. Pets encourage a more active lifestyle, and can even help reduce depression and anxiety.

By just petting them, our brains are conditioned to release happy hormones and reduce stress. For some people, pets can even provide emotional support as they become someone to talk to when things go wrong.

Generally, most people love having pets like cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or other animals in their home. But for some people, the love of animals goes too far. When a person acquires more animals than they can properly care for, they would be classified as an animal hoarder. If you suspect someone you care for has an animal hoarding problem then specialised hoarding cleanup services may be needed.

In reality, animal hoarding can begin with the best of intentions – whether adoption, providing shelter, or saving animals. However, the person’s inability to properly care for the animals soon becomes evident. It is a definite cause for concern as the situation can quickly get out of control creating unsafe conditions in the home. With the continuous acquiring of animals or with the current ones producing litters, the number of animals increases manifold. And due to this loss of control on the part of the pet owner, the animals are often the ones who end up suffering, becoming sick or worse, end up dying. These persons usually do not try to do any harm, they just simply can’t keep up with the work involved in caring for the growing number of animals.

Animal hoarding is a serious issue that can affect not only the animals but the health of people residing in and around the residence. The combination of gross filth and faeces and in some cases even carcasses creates biohazards that put the health of all living things in that area at risk. The air quality in hoarded homes is also usually compromised. The occupants and pets are forced to breathe in all kinds of dust, dirt, waste and filth and constant exposure will affect their health. They are at risk of a number of diseases and illnesses.

Animal hoarders’ homes can also become extremely dangerous as they could also be affected with a general accumulation of clutter within the home. Severely hoarded homes end up having almost no space to move around comfortably for daily household tasks. This would mean that even the pets won’t have any space to walk, exercise, or move. This kind of movement restriction can lead to permanent disabilities and health concerns.

For everyone’s safety, these hoarded homes should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. A hoarders cleanup, can be a challenge and often impossible for an individual untrained in decontamination and odour removal. Cleaning up of such homes should be handled by professionals that specialise in animal hoarding, to ensure that the home is safe for re-occupancy.

Bio Cleanse Services provides remediation services needed in these hoarding scenarios to restore the home to a safe, clean, and functional living environment – for owners and their pets. Our team is also experienced in dealing with the individuals compassionately. We will work with you to make decisions about your hoarding and clutter cleanup.

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