When you a buy a new house, you embark on a new journey of making many happy memories. Don’t let the past of your new home affect your future. Make sure you do a thorough background check if the house was used as a meth lab in the past. It may sound rare, but news broadcasters predict that every year, thousands of people fall victims of purchasing houses that have been previously used as meth labs. Once the house has been exposed to meth, the harmful molecules get stuck to the walls and even penetrate the insulation at times. This is especially harmful for kids who love to stick their hands everywhere and play with their toys on the floor.

Here are few of our suggestions of telling whether the house was previously used as a meth lab.

Ask your new neighbours
Everyone knows how much neighbours love to gossip – use that to your advantage. From a casual conversation, try to dig up as much history about the house as you can. Ask them if they detected any suspicious activity that went unnoticed by the law. If they’ve lived in the neighbourhood for a long time, they will definitely be aware of suspicions activities in the past, if there were any.

Ask the police
Once you’re done talking to the neighbours, go to the police station enquire if they’ve had any calls or emergency responses within the area you’re shifting to. They’ll know everything, right from number of arrests to the type of crimes that have taken place in the area. If all the house has had a history with drug-related incidences, make sure none of them were related to meth.

Smell for strong odour
Your natural instincts will never let you down. Put your nose to use and be aware if you get any strong odours in the house, the basement area to be specific. Paint thinner, sweet ether smell, ammonia, acetone, cat urine odour or sulphurous/rotten egg odour; these peculiar smells can be a sign of meth production.

Look for destructive behaviour
Meth is known to have a devastating effect on the brain. Drug abuse for long periods can lead to violent behaviours. Drugs can cause temper outburst along with other volatile actions. As you walk through the house, take a closer look at the walls and doors and look for any damages or scratches. If you do find any such signs, enquire about the previous owners immediately.

Buy a Test Kit
A newly renovated house will look clean on the outside and will not have any traces of prior meth production. The best way to be safe is to ask the realtor or inspector to do a meth test on the property. You can even do one yourself using a relatively inexpensive meth test kit.

Contact the specialists
In the long run, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. Get in touch with a reliable meth lab cleaning service provider to thoroughly assess the premises, and handle the decontamination process. Their certified technicians will have a range of experience in the industry and will clear the meth contamination. Don’t risk the health of your family or the value of your investment.

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